Introducing the The Polys — 2020 WebXR Awards honoring the pioneers of WebXR and showcasing the importance of this growing medium to provide ubiquitous access to immersive content through the web. The power of being able to distribute XR content via URLs makes it possible for creators to publish and reach their audiences without being regulated by app stores and big tech companies. The Polys — WebXR Awards aims to celebrate creators and shine light on this up and coming medium for immersive content for the opportunities of all around access and inclusion that it offers.

This event will host…

The world is experiencing a mass shift to virtual technologies. As we migrate from physical to virtual presences, people across industries are becoming more aware of the possibilities and capabilities of immersive technologies, including the enhancement of training and simulation. While most of the world is still exploring the incredible potential of this technology to deliver a fully contextualized experience, the immersive technology industry is already moving quickly beyond the world’s current understanding. Various companies have been tackling large scale problems to enhance virtual and augmented reality. Specifically, a select few are creating immersive training and simulation solutions such as…

Current times demand that we keep distanced while continuing to conduct normal business operations. As we shift into a period of a new normal our global community needs to navigate what that means for us as individuals as well as what that means for our individual organizations specific to what we are trying to achieve. This could be anything from transitioning our internal business practices for meetings and collaboration as well as interactions and initiatives external to our organization.

In an effort to help organizations navigate the new distancing practices, Brightline Interactive, in partnership with the VR/AR Association and Resource…

Sophia Moshasha

Loves all things XR. Co-host of the VR/AR Association’s “Everything VR & AR” podcast.

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